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Economic Development

Economic development is a vital City service that helps enhance our community today, and for future generations. Our goal is to improve our community's livability and prosperity.

Our work includes building infrastructure that attracts private investors to our city, leading and working with our partners to enhance business recruitment, retention of existing businesses, workforce development and land development.
The city also adopts and enforces regulations and supports a variety of programs that promote the overall well-being of our community.

The City's economic development focus:

+ Get employment lands ready.

The current economy demands quick availability for sites. The City is in the business of building infrastructure, and we can be strategic with these investments to encourage development of employment lands. Furthermore, our exceptional customer service and minimal development fees expedite development construction opportunities. We are implementing this through the Waterfront Development Project

+ Make this a quality community.

Employees and employers are attracted to a vibrant and healthy community. This is conveyed visually through infrastructure projects, property maintenance, and health and safety of citizens. Recreational and retail amenities, strong schools and affordable lifestyle are also important. The City can positively affect all of these needs through its provision of services. We are implementing this through Destination Downtown and our Cycling Vancouver Program.

+ Foster a knowledge-based economy.

Clark County Economic Development Plan cites this as an important element to diversify our economy. We will continue to struggle with high unemployment until we grow this industry, and rely less on construction and manufacturing. The City partners with several agencies and promotes different programs in the community to promote a knowledge-based workforce. We are implementing this through State designation as a digital accelerator zone and #Nextchapter. The Innovation Partnership Zone is an innovative effort to grow the digital applied technology cluster in Vancouver.

+ Support small business.

Small businesses provide services and amenities that make a community a unique and attractive to employees and employers. The City strives to provide exceptional customer service in the permitting department to remove barriers to entry. Furthermore, we work with numerous partners to promote business education and resource opportunities. We are implementing this through our Business Assistance Center and Vancouver Business Resource website.



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